Bud Light Platinum – Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It!

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Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. – Benjamin Franklin And, to continue spreading that love for beer the brewing companies keep coming up with their new products in the market. One such beer that has been making waves out there in the market since its launch has been – Bud Light Platinum! This light craft beer has become a synonym for a drink that comes with good taste, has decent alcohol content and at the same time tastes really good!

Are you a beer lover? But, at the same time always worried about the calorie content that goes into your body while gulping that pint of beer? Well, the good news is that there are plenty of craft beers available in the market that comes with a low-calorie content while still maintaining the taste of real beer.

In this post, we are going to shed light on some of the aspects of this beer that you might be interested in knowing. Bud Light Platinum alcohol content, price, alcohol percentage, carbs in Bud Light platinum, how many calories in Bud Light Platinum – you will have an answer to all this and a lot more by the time you will end up reading this post. So, without wasting any time further let us straight away get going –

Bud Light Platinum Alcohol Content

One of the first questions that would pop up in your mind as a beer lover is bound to be this – how much alcohol is in bud light platinum? Well, the answer is enough to get you drunk.

To be more precise, platinum bud light has a 6.0% ABV alcohol content, which is quite enough for a light beer. This is the reason that it has climbed the ladder of success as a craft beer. In fact, it has emerged a highly loved and appreciated craft beer in the market.

Owing to its strong alcohol content and great taste, this beer is simply an option to drool over if you don’t want to go for that overly strong beer. In fact, bud light platinum alcohol percentage by weight (ABV) at 6% gives it a strong taste while still maintaining a check on going too hard on the senses of beer lovers.

Bud Light platinum Calorie Count

Now that we have an answer to ‘how much alcohol is in bud light platinum’, let’s move to the next question which has to be how many carbs in bud light platinum?

The answer is 137 calories. When you compare it to the normal bud light, which has 110 calories, it might sound a little too much. However, if you compare the alcohol content that this mild beer contains, the number of calories might not seem too much.

While the regular bud light has a mere 4.2% alcohol content, at 6% ABV bud light platinum alcohol percentage is enough to give you strong booze. And, this is what makes it such a good beer!

For people who love having a beer, but at the same time also count the calories they are consuming, this mild beer is a great option.

Low-calorie beer that gets the job done!

There are strong beers out there, and there are light beers in the market. And, then comes craft beers, which are gaining more in popularity with every passing day. Then there is this brand, this light beer fits perfectly in the mild beer category.

It brings the real essence of a strong beer owing to its alcohol content, but at the same time, it has got a pretty low-calorie count. This is the reason that platinum bud light has been on the list of people who are willing to switch from liquor to mild beer.

As a matter of fact, the alcohol content of this beer is one of the strongest reasons that put this beer among the finest options available out there.

There’s one for everyone!

If you are a beer lover, then it gives you more than plenty of reasons to give this beer a try. Whether you are someone who wants to drool in the taste of a light beer or planning to switch to a low-calorie diet without having to compromise on your booze, this beer is just the right option for you.

And, what makes it even more exciting is the fact that you can get bud light platinum 6 pack, bud light platinum 12 pack and more easily available in the market, without having to break a sweat! As a matter of fact, there is also an option of a bud light platinum 24 pack available out there as well.

Based on how much you would love to drink, you can easily grab any one of these packs and start chilling with your friends, while enjoying your beer.

Are you up for it?

From the good old days, when there were just a few options available for the beer lovers to try, we have come off age. Step out in the market and you will find countless beers available. And, one of the best options for you, as we have discussed above, is of this beer – the mild player that has been hugely successful among beer lovers.

As you can see, there are plenty of exciting things about bud light platinum, from its alcohol content to carbs, calories, and whatnot. Now that you have a clear idea of all these things about the beer, you can eventually go out there and plan on bringing your favorite drink home.

Forget worrying about calories in this beer, and enjoy every bit of the alcohol content of this beer. With this mild beer, you can now easily follow your diet plan while sipping this beer, mild alcohol content beer, and not disappointing your dietician.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, check out this beer (6, 12 or 24-pack) price in your area, and go for it right away!

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