Brugal Rum: The Oldest 18th Century Dominican Rum Is Surviving In Today’s Market. How?

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In the world of alcohol, Rum is definitely the king. So, with that being said, what is your favourite Rum? Is it Brugal Rum 1888? If yes, then my friend, your choice of alcohol is simply classic and appreciated. This Dominican Rum has been surviving the persistently modifying alcohol industry for centuries. And, it’s time that you know everything about the legendary Brugal Dominican rum that gives you chills with every sip. 

Times are gone when the experimental cocktails and scented beers have a shot in the market. Instead, today’s generation finds the best of the best drinking pleasure in vintage bottles. And, to match their requisites, Brugal Rum has re-entered the market with a new generation taste but old heritage. 

The year 1888 came out lucky for Don Andres Brugal Montaner in Puerto Plata, who crafted the first-ever marketable bottle of Brugal Rum. Never did he know that this Dominican Rum will rule the alcohol industry to infinity. Within 130 years of prolonged popularity in the market, the Brugal family’s 5th generation has been selling it in the international market.

Henceforth, it’s worth taking a glimpse at what makes Brugal such a legendary rum from the old times? So, without any further ado, here’s a beginning guide to Brugal Dominican Rum history and today’s portrait among the classic alcohol consumers: 

It is 100% Dominican

First-time crafted in the Dominic Republic, Brugal Rum hasn’t grasped the reputation for being 100% Dominican just by its production region. Instead, it has earned this special status in the market via its unique finishing process.

Do you know? All the ingredients in Brugal statistically come from the Dominican Republic. It is why the taste of this Rum is edge-to-edge original. To support this fact, the Brugal rum is also popularly acknowledged as Dominican Republic Rum. 

Brugal Generation Five, i.e.., XV Rum is the top-ranking rum brand in the world. 

Ten years ageing process

Does it shock you how a beverage turns out if it is kept in a barrel for ten years without any direct contact with air and sunlight? Well! An ordinary drink will stink. But, only a matured fact-checker can tell you, if that beverage is Brugal rum, it will only get better.

That’s right! Amateur drinkers usually drool over a beer as its taste comes out “fresh.” But, Brugal Rum kicks off this freshness with its ten-year ageing process only to make the finished product vintage and raw. 

According to the Dominican rum-making process, it is kept in American Oak Casks for eight years maximum to robust the taste of Palate ingredients. Further, the half-finished product spends two years in sherry oak casks (made using Spain’s oak trees) to give the drink a final touch. 

So, what do you think about a drink made in 10 years, but you can finish it within 10 seconds? It must be staggering. 

Brugal Rum Alcohol Content

Being a historical rum, Brugal Rum’s XV edition’s alcohol content percentage is parallel to what law and order of the USA allow? A 750 ml bottle of Brugal Rum alcohol content stands at 40%. In some regions outside of the USA where alcohol-based restrictions are rigid, 38% ABV percentage is labelled on Brugal rum bottles.

You can find many Brugal Rum variants in the market. The best-selling Brugal rum in the market is Papa Andres, which follows the taste notes and ingredients back from 1888’s Bruegel’s recipe. 

The reason for Papa Andres’ edition to best-sell in the market is that Brugal only released 1000 bottles of this flavour each year. Therefore, a limited edition of Brugal Rum is an honour to the company and those who purchase it. 

The Edrington Group and Brugal’s modification

To begin with, The Edrington Group definitely rings the word “change.” In 2008, the mentioned company acquired a significant stake in Brugal Rum.

You will be surprised to know that the Edrington Group also had taken an investment interest in Macallan and Highland Park alcohol brands before. However, of course, the publicity of Brugal 100% depends on its “vintage outlook and making process,” The Edrington didn’t modify it. 

Cleanest & Purest Spirit

Brugal Rum Alcohol Content is 40% makes it a competitive drink in the market. From time to time, the brand also responds to competitors by crafting and releasing limited editions from the 1800s and the 1900s. But, what makes Brugal hold power over loyal customers? The answer is right on Bruegel’s official website.

According to the same, the brand claims to craft the cleanest & purest spirit in the market through the ongoing distillation process. 

Indeed, the brand also thoroughly speaks about handpicked casks, Dominican warmth, and family touch. And, this is why, for five generations, the recipe of Brugal hasn’t been revealed. As a result, Brugal’s competitors go home disappointed. 

What does Brugal rum taste like? 

Have you ever tasted heaven? Well! That’s how brutal Rum tastes. With every sip, you dive into the liveliness flavours of wood, toffee caramel, and liquorice. Indeed, with every glass of Brugal rum down your throat, it leaves a sweet but lingering aftertaste.

The journey of Brugal Rum from hand to mouth can be long as you can smell the scent of dark chocolate combined with high-quality roasted coffee beans. And last but not least, notes of cinnamon and dry fruits. 

It gives every occasion a perfect and celebrative touch. 

Most expensive rums in the market

Does the price of rum matter if it’s good, healthy, and delicious? Well! For some, price is all that matters. Henceforth, recently, Brugal Rum’s goodwill faces a challenge when its premium edition Papa Andres’ releases with a $1200/bottle price range.

To the reader’s surprise, Brugal has covered 80% of the entire market in the Dominican Republic. In 2013, when Brugal became one of the essential alcohol drinks for mixing in cocktails and parties at cruise ships, it pissed off the Edrington group. The reason was simple. The concept of limited use of Brugal has shortened its market coverage in the USA. 

Today, Brugal Dominican Rum variants’ price range starts from 17 pounds/750 ml to 1200 pounds of premium bottles. 

Bottom Line

So, are you ready to order your first neat Brugal Rum at the finest bar in your area? Enjoy the sweetness with every sip and the sublime aftertaste. For more information on your favourite spirits or spirits, you want to try out, bookmark us!