10 Beer Gift Baskets Ideas to Make His Birthday a Smashing One

Men are quite difficult to give gifts to, wouldn’t you agree? While this is the case most of the time, they are really just simple creatures of comfort. Give them a life staple and they’ll be extra grateful for it. With this, nothing else comes to mind than BEER

From a low-key celebration to a weekend grill party, or just an intimate drinking session with you, these beer gift baskets were professionally curated to please. After all, what’s a birthday without a little brew for your favorite beer lover?

Birthday beer baskets


  • Guinness Beer King

Guinness Beer KingTreat him like the royalty he is on his special day with a regal pack of Guinness Beer! Let this black and gold birthday gift basket treat the VIP with assorted gourmet snacks to go with 2 cans of beer. Once he’s through, he can always keep the #BEERKING glass to remind everyone who’s boss.

  • Bud Light Anyone?

Bud Light Anyone

Is the birthday boy manning the grill for his birthday? This bbq gift basket is packed with just the right essentials he needs by his side: bottles of Bud Light, Budweiser barbecue sauce, nuts, pretzels, cheese, and a wooden board to show off his finished products on!  

  • Let’s Day Drink


Let's Day DrinkHe doesn’t mind the clock – he just knows it’s time for a bottle whenever he’s around important people in his life. Get the party started early with this beer gift basket of Shocktop six-pack, assorted nuts, biscuits, deli meat, cheeses, and snacks that go well with a day-long celebration!

Ninkasi Total Domination IPA Deluxe BouquetNow here’s a bouquet no man would reject! Make his birthday another one for the books with this towering bundle of IPA six-pack, potato chips, turkey sticks, beer cheese, and assorted snacks. What a scene-stealer – just like the man of the hour!

  • Nuts for Dad

Nuts for Dad

Never stop adoring your old man no matter how much he’s aged. This gift basket for dad sums up exactly what he misses doing with you – hanging out, watching your favorite team play, or just talk. Do so with bottles of old fashioned root beer and mixed nuts – it’s probably all he wants for his birthday.

  • Longboard Beer Party

Longboard Beer PartyIf your boy practically lives at the beach and surfs non-stop, he’ll definitely love this! Give him a taste of the island life wherever he is with 2 bottles of Longboard Beer, a beer bread mix, mini beef stick, and some dipping pretzels. Also great for nightcap after hitting the waves!

Birthday BrewA simple guy with simple needs will be grateful for a pack like this! Choose a pack from either Shocktop, Sierra Nevada, or Blue Moon and give him the chill celebration he’s after. Movie night, an intimate party with his pals, or something more casual than these sounds fun!

  • BBQ Beer King

BBQ Beer KingThe reigning king of the grill should find this birthday gift basket fit for his title! While the barbecue party keeps him busy, make sure that these Sierra Nevada beer bottles are within his reach – so are the gourmet snacks that match them.

  • Sierra Nevada Beer Gift

Sierra Nevada Beer GiftSomething intimate for the birthday boy? Keep him all to yourself with a two-pack pale ale and artisan pairings such as cheeses, crisps, and meat sticks. Play his favorite video game, jam, or just have a long catch-up convo – it’s his choice!

  • Life is Brewtiful

For a beer lover just like the celebrant, another year is truly worth living with a bottle of his favorite brew. A gift box of pale ales, cheeses, and beer summer sausage means you’re giving him a gift of well-deserved relaxation!

No worries – these picks are timeless. Send some to the guys in your life for holidays, special occasions, and ordinary days that you want to turn into another one for the books.

For more professionally curated gift basket ideas for any occasion, check out Jet Gift Baskets. 

Bottoms up!

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