A Few Facts About Heineken Alcohol Content And More

A Few Facts About Heineken Alcohol Content And More

Heineken Beer is one of the most popular and well-recognized brands in the world of drinkers. Brewed by Heineken Nederland B.V., it has become a staple in the menu of almost all the popular bars. If you are a beer lover, you must certainly have had your fair share of taste with Heineken beer or Heineken Pilsner as it is commercially known. In today’s post, we are going to take a look at 10 noteworthy facts about Heineken alcohol content in this beer and a lot more. So, let us begin –

A century-old legacy

Did you know that the first Heineken, 5% ABV, wasbrewed in the year 1875? Yes, this beer has a history which dates back morethan a century. Isn’t that amazing!

It was in the year 1873, when Gerard Adrian Heineken hired one of the students of Louis Pasteur, Dr. Elion, to develop a yeast for BBF i.e. Bavarian Bottom Fermentation. That’s when the first Heineken beer was brewed. Within a couple of years of its development, the beer became a hit and topped the charts with a groundbreaking sale of 64,000 hectoliters by 1875!

Early awards andrecognition

Heineken Beer, with an alcohol content of 5% (alcohol by volume or ABV as it is called inthe professional world), became quite popular in its early days and has beentopping the charts ever since. As a matter of fact, within a few years of itsfinding, the beer received four prestigious awards, namely –

  • Medaille d’Or (Gold Medal) in the year 1875 – awarded at the International Maritime Exhibition in Paris
  • Diplome d’Honneurs in the year 1883 – awarded at the International Colonial Exposition in Amsterdam
  • Grand Prix (Grand Prize) in the year 1889 – awarded at the Exposition Universelle in Paris
  • Hors Concours Membre in the year 1900

The alcohol content inHeineken

The alcohol content is an important factor in any beer, andjust like traditional lagers, Heineken alcohol content is also 5% (ABV). Madewith just three ingredients i.e. Barley, Hops, and water, this beer hasmaintained its taste and flavor for all these years. This is the reason thatHeineken has been amongst the most popular brands in the world of beerdrinkers.

The company has tried to experiment with different versions of the beer from time to time. For instance, Heineken Light – comes with an alcohol content of 3.3 % (ABV). For people who prefer their beer a little light and enjoy it that way, Heineken light is simply a great option. However, the popular version of the beer contains an alcohol content of 5% alcohol by volume.

Heineken Beer – CalorieCount

Moving further, let us take a look at some of the nutritional facts related the beer. If we look at the calories that one Heineken bottle contains the number comes out to be 142. Breaking it down further, it contains 85% of carbs and 15% of proteins. There is no fat – contracting to the popular misconception that beers contain a lot of fat. So, if you are worried about getting fat owing to high fat content, along with the ABV of Heineken beer you can give your thoughts a rest.

Similarly, if you are in the category of people who prefer their drink light and love to enjoy a low alcohol content, chilled Light beer, you are consuming only 99 calories per pint of Heineken Light (3.3% ABV).

The next time you are in for a feast with your friends andworried about consuming a lot of calories due to your beer drinking, you caneasily plan ahead keeping this calorie count in mind. 

The alcohol-free beer!

In one of the latest developments, Heineken has come up withone of its kind products – alcohol free-beer i.e. alcohol content in this Heinekenis ZERO! Marketed aggressively, this product has turned quite a few headsaround. People are still getting a hang of what it really means to launch abeer without the alcohol content. The catch is that the company has developedHeineken with no alcohol content but a similar taste to its lager counterpart.

What this means is that now you can enjoy the same taste andflavor without having to worry about consuming alcohol. Another great thingabout this Heineken with no alcohol content is that you really don’t have tothink twice before consuming it – we are talking about the strong hangover thatthe usual beer leaves you with, in the morning. You can simply buy it, consumeit and have all the fun without thinking even a bit about the morning hangoveror the alcohol content of Heineken.Isn’t that really cool?

And, it comes with alot less calories!

What might catch the attention of beer drinkers, who are at the same time pretty cautious about their calorie intake, is that this Heineken zero alcohol content beer has got only 69 calories per drink. This number is almost half of the number of calories you intake when you consume the regular lager. Therefore, for people who are looking for a healthier supplement, but at the same time don’t want to miss out on the taste of a beer, Heineken 0.0 – the zero alcohol content beer is simply the best option available!


Heineken beer is one of the oldest, most popular and mostmarketable beer brands that are available out there. With many verities likeHeineken Lager, Heineken Light and the latest one, Heineken 0.0, the companyhas continued to expand its market reach and win over the customers by comingwith new and enticing products. And, there’s plenty of exciting stuff, be itabout the alcohol content of Heineken,the first beer or the alcohol-free beer, related to it as well.

We have tried our best in this post to shed light on some ofthose interesting facts that you might be pleased to read. The next time youconsume a beer, you already know the answer to this question, if someone asks, what is the alcohol content of Heineken?And, we are going to keep coming up with many such exciting posts to not justincrease your knowledge and interest, but also to make sure you have a prettygood idea about the beer brand that you are drinking.

Hope you like our effort, and enjoy it while gulping the pintof your favorite Heineken!

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